Elongated Float Bags Salvage Tube

DOOWIN float bags salvage tube is enclosed and elongated cylinder shape. Its main capacity is from 500kg to 5,000kg. These are the salvage tube of choice when shallow water is a critical factor and towing is a concern.

Lifting points are equally spaced along the length of the salvage tube. Float bags salvage is the main application. The float bags also can be used as salvage tube, salvage pontoon for the supporting docks and other floating structures. And, they are also excellent for the pipe laying and other underwater construction projects. DOOWIN elongated float bags salvage tube are manufactured using high-quality PVC coating fabric. We equip each float bags with heavy duty webbing harness, and screw pin shackles, over-pressure valves, stainless steel valves, and quick disconnects. Customized size and rigging options are available upon request.

float bags salvage tube

Float Bags Salvage Tube Specification

DOOWIN elongated pontoon lift bags are from 500kg to 5,000kg. The below specification is the common size. We also make other size and capacity float bags salvage tube upon request. Custom sizes and rigging options are available upon request.


float bags salvage

Note: The above specification and weight only for your reference. We maybe change its size without notice. 


Float Bags Application

  • Suitable for shallow water use
  • Suitable for long terms use
  • Bridge buoyancy supports
  • Float bags salvage and re-flotation
  • Buoyancy for cable and pipe float out operations

Professional Cast Quality

Excellent quality water bags and reliable service, they deliver exactly what they agree to and perfectly on time.

Stephen Barnett, MODEC (Singapore)

Awesome to use DOOWIN buoyancy bags for our Aramco project. Its quality completely can be comparable with UK products.

Dr.Chen, China Harbour (Aramco Project)

We have confident with DOOWIN. They can help us with innovative solution, well prepared to accommodate to our request.

Hugo Silva (Project Manager), McDERMOTT

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