In order to provide maximum protection while at a floating or stationary dock or rafted, DOOWIN designed inflatable boat fenders are for the yacht or boat. The customer can inflate the inflatable PVC boat fenders using a standard foot pump, electric inflator or onboard airline making them ready to use in minutes. Inflatable PVC fenders take up minimal storage space and are ideal for yachts, motor cruisers, and super yachts.

DOOWIN inflatable boat fenders are made of heavy-duty PVC or TPU coating fabric for high strength, puncture and abrasion resistance and resistance to petro-chemicals. Each inflatable fender has high-quality inflation/deflection valve for convenient display or storage and a stainless steel D ring at each end. It allows customers to rig PVC boat fenders horizontally or vertically. We can supply any color inflatable marine fenders. But, the standard color is white and black. We also make other large inflatable boat fenders upon customer request.

Inflatable Boat Fenders Size

Model Diameter Lenght
IF-2561 250 610
IF-3061 300 610
IF-3091 300 910
IF-3012 300 1220
IF-3015 300 1520
IF-3018 300 1830
IF-3024 300 2440
IF-3030 300 3050
IF-4661 460 610
IF-4691 460 910
IF-4612 460 1220
IF-4615 460 1520
IF-4618 460 1830
IF-4624 460 2440
IF-4630 460 3050
IF-6161 610 610
Model Diameter Lenght
IF-6191 610 910
IF-6112 610 1220
IF-6115 610 1520
IF-6118 610 1830
IF-6124 610 2440
IF-6130 610 3050
IF-9191 910 910
IF-9112 910 1220
IF-9115 910 1520
IF-9118 910 1830
IF-9124 910 2440
IF-9130 910 3050
IF-1215 1220 1520
IF-1218 1220 1830
IF-1224 1220 2440
IF-1230 1220 3050

Inflatable Boat Fenders Features

  • High-quality PVC coating fabric material.
  • Abrasion and puncture resistance.
  • Stainless steel D rings at two ends.
  • Lightweight, easy to operate.
  • Low profile inflate/deflate valve.
  • Various color are available.
  • Hypalon inflatable fenders available.
  • Durable and long lifespan.
inflatable boat fenders
inflatable marine fenders

The boat fenders can be protected using a fender cover. The covers are made of diving suit material.

PVC Inflatable Boat Marine Fenders Details

DOOWIN inflatable boat fenders provide the perfect fendering solution for small boat and yacht.
Their strength, durability and excellent resistance to extreme conditions, makes them ideal as the marine fenders.


Boat Fender Valve


Boat Fender D Ring


Boat Fender Cover, D Ring and Valve


Boat Fender Cover and D Ring

How to Inflate Boat Fenders

We have two common ways to inflate the boat fenders. Can use our 600W/220V electric inflating pump. Or inflate the boat fenders by valve adaptor using the air compressor.


* All above inflating tools will be supplied upon request.

What size inflatable boat fenders?

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