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Crane Load Testing Projects

Crane load testing is the an important test for crane safe operation. Crane test water bags for proof load testing is one simple, safety, and the cost-effective load test solution. The test weights can be slowly applied when filling water bags. So, the engineers can identify the structural issues. Then, correct these issues before the full test weight is reached. Prior to initial use, all new, extensively repaired and altered [...]

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Top 10 Common Crane Test Water Bags Load Testing

The use of water weight bags for load testing is one simple, safety, and cost-effective load testing solution. The test weights can be slowly applied when filling water bags. So, the engineers can identify the structural issues. Then, correct these issues before the full test weight is reached.

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5 Most Common Crane Test Weights

If you’ve recently had a crane installed or newly repaired, you may not yet be an expert on the reasons why it needs to go through an inspection, what kind of crane test weights need to use. Below, we introduce the 5 most common and popular crane load test weights. Why does my crane need an inspection? OSHA requires that all active cranes be annually inspected. Daily or weekly usage [...]

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How to use inflatable lift bags?

What is inflatable lift bags? Inflatable lift bags is one kind of all-purpose buoyancy units. All underwater lift bags and marine salvage bags can be called inflatable lift bags. There are many types of inflatable lift bags. Such as parachute type, totally enclosed type, pillow type, elongated pontoon type, dual boom, and others. These lift bags have different application. Parachute type lift bags can be used for the underwater [...]

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Water Weights Proof Load Bags

DOOWIN engineering team successfully finished another crane load testing project using our water weights proof load bags. We provide proof load testing services and water bags to buy or rent to companies across China and throughout the world. We are stocking many different size water weights bags and load cell. Our experienced engineer team can contract any load testing projects.

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World’s First Seabed Flexible HDPE Pipe Double-tube

DOOWIN pipeline buoyancy units were used for the world's first ultra-large and ultra-long HDPE double-tube shipping and installation. Recently, a super flexible HDPE submarine pipeline with a length of 558.2 meters and a weight of 1,315 tons was commercialized at the commercial port of the Saudi Arabian Sea City. It successfully adopted double-tube shipping to achieve seamless underwater docking and became the world's first super flexible HDPE submarine pipeline. Double [...]

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Potable Water Pillow Tanks

We are glad to introduce our new products - Potable Water Pillow Tanks. Please refer the below detailed introduction. Collapsible Potable Water Storage Pillow Tanks CERTIFICATED QUALITY FOR POTABLE WATER NSF/ANSI-61 compliant drinking water bladder tanks Collapsible pillow tanks is the most economical and the most simply storage way for the potable drinking water in desert, industrial, commercial, and residential areas. DOOWIN collapsible tanks for drinking water are [...]

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Low Headroom Crane Load Test

Our esteemed customer KONECRANES finished another 150 ton crane load test. This crane has low headroom working height. In order to reach the rated load testing weight within limited height, have to design the special low headroom water bags. The point is normally the height of empty is longer than the height filled with water. After doing much calculation, our engineer design fours PLB-40ton water bags according to the [...]

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Mono Buoyancy Units Assist Pipeline Installation

From the news of CHEC Jazan Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Project water intake and outlet project Saudi Arabia, the last part HDPE pipeline was jointed underwater successfully with the help of mono buoyancy units.  It marks the success of the installation of the world’s longest and most flexible pipeline. HDPE pipeline installation is the biggest risk point of whole project. Because it is the first world’s largest diameter and [...]

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