Water Filled Weights

Water filled weights bags is one kind of load test weights used for crane load test, lifeboat load test, lifeboat davit load test, deck proof load test, and other lifting equipment load testing.

DOOWIN currently manufacture various kinds of water filled weights bags. We use the highest PVC coating fabric to make the water weight bags. Our water filled weight bags are manufactured and rigorously examined in full compliance with LEEA 051. The most of water filled weight bags are type certificate by drop test with 6:1 safety factor. Furthermore, we also can provide BV, LR, ABS, CCS third-party certificates.

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water weight bags

Water Weight Bags

Professional crane load test water bags
Manufactured Comply with LEEA 051
Load Test Capacity: 1ton ~ 100ton.
Customized size and shape are available.

low headroom water weight bags

Proof Load Bags

Low headroom water weight bags
for low headroom bridge crane load test
Standard capacity: 1ton~50ton.
Customized size and shape are available.

deck load test weights

Deck Load Test Weights

Load test weight bags apply uniform
load test weights on structures’ surface
Standard buoyancy capacity: 250kg~500ton
Customized size and shapes are available.

lifeboat test water bags

Lifeboat Load Test Water Bags

Professionally designed marine salvage bags
Manufactured Comply with IMCA D016
Air Lifting Capacity: 50kg ~ 50ton.
Customized size and shape are available.

davit load test water bags

Davit Load Test Water Bags

Used for the proof load testing for crane, hoist,
offshore rig, lifting equipment, platform.
Standard capacity: 650kg, 13000kg.
Customized size and shape are available.

gangway load test water bags

Gangway Load Test Water Bags

Various pipeline laying floats.
Easier to transport and operation
Standard buoyancy capacity: 250kg~50ton
Customized size and shapes are available.

Water Filled Weights Bags Projects

water filled weights bags
water filled weights
crane test water weight bags
proof load test water weight bags

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