Lifeboat Davit Load Test Water Bags

For static and dynamic lifeboat davit load test, DOOWIN offers lifeboat davit load test water filled weight bags specifically designed for this purpose. Lifeboat davit load testing is safely and efficiently achieved using water-filled weight water bags.

Water filled weight bags are an extremely safe and simple method of load davit load test. It allows gradual filling. So the inspector can spot the potential problems before it gets into big trouble.

For proof load testing lifeboat davit systems independent of the lifeboat, DOOWIN has a range of water bags from 1 – 25 metric tons used for this purpose. The water bags weight less than 1.2% of the rated load capacity. So it is light and easy to handle making them the ideal test load and method for davit testing. Water weight bags are type tested and certified with a physically proven factor of safety in excess of 6:1. Certificated load cell can measure the load weight exactly. It can ensure compliance with applicable regulations and proper lifeboat davit testing. It is your first choice.

SOLAS regulations (Ref. SOLAS Part 1, Chapter III, Regulation 20) and lifting equipment regulations (LOLAS) request all vessels are required to perform proof load testing of their lifeboat's launching appliances and on-load release gear to 110% of its rated capacity at intervals not exceeding 5 years.
lifeboat davit load test

Lifeboat Davit Load Testing Water Bags

DOOWIN water filled water weight bags provides the safe and simple lifeboat davit load test solution.
Their strength, durability and excellent resistance to extreme conditions, makes them ideal as load test weights.

What’s the lifeboat davit load test procedure?

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