Inflatable Cable Floats

DOOWIN develop twin boom inflatable cable floats is the very best solution for cable and pipeline installation support.  It can be used for the cable floats, hose float, and pipe float as inflatable buoyancy units

Twin Boom inflatable cable floats have two independent floaters. It is manufactured from heavy-duty PVC coating fabric material, which is used for the underwater air lift bags and water bags. Manufactured as two individual boom floats connected by a length of fabric or strap system to support the cable or pipeline.  The cable or pipe is placed on the support system easily and attached easily to the twin boom float.

Twin Boom Professional

The two separate floats are connected by one PVC coating fabric sheet. The pipe, hose or cable can be put on the middle support sheet easily. The width of the middle support sheet can be made according to the pipeline diameter. There are many cord fasteners on the body of pipeline floater in order to fix it with pipeline easily. They are equipped with low profile inflatable valve. Auto pressure release valves are available.

Twin Boom Premium

Twin boom cable float premium is consists of two separate floats. These two floats are connected by one adjustable webbing sling in order to use for different diameter pipe, cable or hose. The damaged float can be replaced easily. They are equipped with low profile inflatable valve and auto pressure release valves.

Cable Float Specification

cable floats
dual boom premium inflatable cable floats
cable floats

Twin Chamber Inflatable Cable Floats

DOOWIN Twin Chamber inflatable cable floats can be used for the installation support as pipe floats, hose floats, and cable floaters. The twin chamber cable floats and pipeline floats are the very best solution for cable and pipeline installation support.

The twin chamber inflatable cable floats are manufactured from durable reinforced PVC material, which has been proven in heavy-duty service on our salvage airbags and water load bags. Manufactured as two pillow style floats connected a length of fabric system to support the cable or pipeline. The cable or pipe is placed on the support system easily and attached easily to the floats’ mooring ring. Also available with side rings for adjustable webbing for adjustable rigging spans.

Twin Chamber Inflatable Cable Floats Specification

twin-chamber-pipe-floatsWe make the follow common size twin chamber inflatable cable float. Outer sizes are available upon request.


 Inflatable Cable Floats available in 100 – 600kg capacities. Custom sizes available upon request.

two chamber inflatable cable floats in use

Twin Chamber Cable Floats Features and Advantages:

  • Two individual pillow chamber
  • Inflation valve on each chamber.
  • Over pressure valve is available upon request.
  • Used for light salvage as well as cable or pipeline flotation and suspension.
  • Stainless steel lift rings are available upon request
  • Custom sizes available
  • Standard color yellow, colors red or orange available upon request

Simple, Effective Inflatable Cable Floats

DOOWIN inflatable cable float provides the perfect float solution for small diameter cable and pipe.
Their strength, durability and excellent resistance to extreme conditions, makes them ideal for cable float.


Professional Cast Quality

Excellent quality water bags and reliable service, they deliver exactly what they agree to and perfectly on time.

Stephen Barnett, MODEC (Singapore)

Awesome to use DOOWIN buoyancy bags for our Aramco project. Its quality completely can be comparable with UK products.

Dr.Chen, China Harbour (Aramco Project)

We have confident with DOOWIN. They can help us with innovative solution, well prepared to accommodate to our request.

Hugo Silva (Project Manager), McDERMOTT

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