Floor Testing Water Bags

Floor testing water bags are specially designed for best fit on floors platforms, bridges, elevators, hydrauic loading ramps or decks to test to the highest standards.

Floor testing water bags are an ideal way to apply proof load on these places. Gradual increase of the load can more easily be acheived using water filled bags than using solid weights. The inspectors can record the amount of water in the water bags by a calibrated flow meter. The bags weigh less then 1% of their capacity, making handling and transport very cost effective.

floor testing water bags

Floor Testing Water Bags Specification

FTB-011000 kg3.0m1.3m0.3m
FTB-022000 kg3.0m1.4m0.5m
FTB-044000 kg3.5m1.5m0.8m
FTB-088000 kg4.0m2.0m1.0m
FTB-1616000 kg8.0m2.0m1.0m

Floor Testing Water Bags Technical Data

Brand:  DOOWIN
Material:  PVC Coated Polyester Fibre
Material Weight:  1700 GSM/m2
Material Thickness:  1.4mm
Filling Port:  3/4” Stainless Steel Ball Valve/2” ball valve
Extras: Pressure Relief Valves, Air Bleeder, Anchor Handles

floor testing water bags

Simple, Effective Load-bearing Structure Test Way

DOOWIN gangway water bag test weights provide the perfect solution for uniform surface load testing.
Their strength, durability and excellent resistance to extreme conditions, makes them ideal for the gangway load test.


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