Lace-on Hawser Floats

Hawser floats are designed for the buoyancy support of hawser or mooring ropes. The hawser floats are made by two layers high abrasion resistant nylon fabric, with 100% closed cell polyethylene foam block inside. Each foam block is embedded into independent pockets, separated by welding seam. Even the PVC coating fabric was damaged. The closed cell PE foam also cannot absorb water. High-quality eyelets are equipped around the hawser float for the connecting round hawser.

Lace-On Floats are evenly spaced along the length of a Mooring Hawser in order to provide sufficient reserve buoyancy to enable it to float. Skins are double-layered heavy-duty nylon fabric to resist tearing & abrasion and colored orange. Each stitched pocket encloses flexible water resistant closed cell polyethylene foam. Nylon thread and high-quality eyelets are used to resist tear-out. Sizes are dependent upon the type of rope in use as detailed

Hawser floats can be sewed with reflective stripe.

Hawser Floats Specification


Hose Flotation Wrap

Hose Flotation Wrap

Hose flotation wraps are specially designed for industrial hose strings (boat loading hose) for all applications in the offshore rig supply field.

Hose flotation wraps are made of durable marine grade high visibility polyester with integrated reflective tape deliverying visibility in low light conditons. It has heavy-duty nylon strapping with delrin buckle.


✓ Reliable solution design with a high level of buoyancy
✓ Quick attach/detach jacket style design for hose sizes
✓ Stress reduction to the hose when loading fluids increasing hose life
✓ Reduces the hazard of hose fouling on supply boat propeller and rudder
✓ Buoyancy, supporting the hose on the surface of the water
✓ Florescent wrap increases visibility and low light operations for fluid transfer safety


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Hose Flotation Wrap