The pipeline foam buoys can be strapped to the pipeline to reduce the tension and weight as pipeline installation buoyancy.
The pipe laying float modules also can be used to provide the buoyancy when pulling the pipeline underwater.

We manufacture various pipeline foam buoys to provide the best float solution for the different pipe laying buoyancy requirements. DOOWIN make the shallow water and deep water pipe laying floaters down to 3000msw.

To meet the different customer’s requirements,  we are making the pipeline foam buoys in two different buoyancy modules. One-piece float and modular floats. DOOWIN pipeline foam buoys are fabricated with the different density closed cell foam cell depending on the depth requirement, covered by polyethylene skin/polyurethane elastomer outer skin. The skin also can be reinforced by nylon filament upon request. Each buoyancy modules have banding grooves to secure the buoys to the pipeline. The end fitting can be designed for the easy handling operation.


Pipeline Foam Buoys Specification

DOOWIN pipe laying foam float buoys are designed depending on the different diameter, working water depth, and project’s requirements. We can make the paral type, oval type, and other non-standard type buoyancy module upon the client’s request.

pipeline foam buoys

Features and Advantages

These foam buoys are widely used for the pipe laying work because of it’s below advantages and features:

  • Unsinkable closed cell foam inside
  • Self-fendering with the high impact absorption capacity
  • Reinforced PU protective out skin
  • Variety end fitting option
  • Customized size and shape available
  • Easy storage and transport
  • No buoyancy loss when sinking into the water
  • Easy to installation and recall
Pipeline Foam Buoys, Foam Filled Buoys

Foam Filled Pipeline Laying Buoyancy Modules

DOOWIN pipeline foam buoys modules provide the perfect pipe float solution for pipeline laying work.
Their strength, durability and excellent resistance to extreme conditions, makes them ideal as pipe floaters.

Other Pipeline Buoyancy Support Units:

Arc-Shaped Pipe Floaters

Recently, we designed one kind of new arc-shaped pipe float buoys. This type of pipe float buoys can connect with the pipe closer to get more buoyancy in the shallow water condition. We can make pipe float buoys according to the different diameter pipe. The buoyancy is from 1ton to 10ton each unit.

Arc-shaped pipe floater has three lifting webbing sling. So pipe laying float can be strapped to the pipeline to reduce the tension and weight in the pipeline during the installation. The pipe laying float buoys can provide the buoyancy when pulling the pipeline underwater.

The advantage of arc-shaped pipe floater:

  • It can provide higher buoyancy at the same water depth
  • Different diameter design for various diameter pipe
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Equipped with the auto pressure release valve
  • Customized size available
pipeline foam buoys

What type pipeline foam buoys do you want?

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