Project Description

DOOWIN pipeline buoyancy units were used for the world’s first ultra-large and ultra-long HDPE double-tube shipping and installation.

Recently, a super flexible HDPE submarine pipeline with a length of 558.2 meters and a weight of 1,315 tons was commercialized at the commercial port of the Saudi Arabian Sea City. It successfully adopted double-tube shipping to achieve seamless underwater docking and became the world’s first super flexible HDPE submarine pipeline. Double pipe shipment installation.

This project was finished by The Second Engineering Company of CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering Co.,Ltd

The flexible HDPE submarine pipeline project has been listed as one of the three technical difficulties in the construction of the Saudi Jizan Economic City. The CCCC Four Harbor Engineering have overcome this world-class problem through independent and independent technology research and development. The designers of the Economic City have found it difficult for the Europeans and Americans.