DOOWIN’s partner Headway was initiated one boat lift load testing project using water weights bags at Destiny Shipbuilding Malaysia. This load testing project took around five day to complete.

Boat Lift Load Testing Project Details

Client: Destiny Shipbulding Sdn Bhd
Project:  Boat Lift Gantry Crane Load Testing
Location : Port Klang, Selangor, MY Total
Test: 650 Ton

During through out boat lift load testing, we prepared all necessary equipment, such as: enough load testing water bags, filling/discharge water hose, load cell. Furthermore, we arranged manpower, supervisor and two ways transportation for the equipment, by the same token the corporate prepare the ringing plan to support the boat lift load testing project thru out.

The process of boat lift load testing project are following:

  • Set up the boat lift Gangtry Crane
  • Connect the load cell
  • Hang the  load testing water bags into the load cell and set up the water hose
  • Filling up the load testing water bags and supervise

The success of this boat lift proof load testing project will be determined by the loading capacity that has been supported by the Boat Lift. Several brands load testing water bags were used in this project. “DOOWIN load test water bags are comparable with the water weight bags made in UK or Turkey. To a certain extent, it has better design, accessories and performance. ” the site project manager Mr.Ong said.

boat lift load testing

About DOOWIN Load Testing Water Bag

DOOWIN water filled proof load bags with capacity from 1 to 100 tonnes provides an easy, safe and highly cost effective solution for the load testing all kinks of lifting equipments.

Water filled weight bags offer a significant advantage over alternative methods in that water can be applied gradually and precisely. The potential problems can be identified long before maximum load weight is reached. The use of water filled proof load test water weight bags is recognized world wide as the most effective and safest solution.

DOOWIN load testing water bags are made from high tenacity PVC coated polyester fabric using radio frequency welding technology. The material are made in Germany are available too. Each water weight bag is equipped with certificated shackles, master-link, webbing straps.

DOOWIN load testing water weight bags have the word-class quality level. Water weight bags were drop-tested at the TUV National Engineering Laboratory, and gained type test accreditation at the 6:1 safety factor to meet LEEA Guidance 051. ABS, BV, LR, CCS third party certificate are available upon request too.

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