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Hereinafter, you can see some of our clients’ successful water weight projects about crane proof load testing, lifeboat load test, lifeboat davit load testing, deck proof load test, and other lifting equipment load test weights.

Meanwhile, we also will introduce some technology about how to water-filled proof load bags, how to do the lifeboat load test, and so on. Hope you can learn some useful knowledge for your proof load testing projects.

If you have any comments or suggestions, welcome you contact us anytime.

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Crane Load Testing Projects

Crane load testing is the an important test for crane safe operation. Crane test water bags for proof load testing is one simple, safety, and the cost-effective load test solution. The test weights can be slowly applied when filling water bags. So, the engineers can identify the structural issues. Then, correct these issues before the full test weight is reached. Prior to initial use, all new, extensively repaired and altered [...]

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Top 10 Common Crane Test Water Bags Load Testing

The use of water weight bags for load testing is one simple, safety, and cost-effective load testing solution. The test weights can be slowly applied when filling water bags. So, the engineers can identify the structural issues. Then, correct these issues before the full test weight is reached.

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5 Most Common Crane Test Weights

If you’ve recently had a crane installed or newly repaired, you may not yet be an expert on the reasons why it needs to go through an inspection, what kind of crane test weights need to use. Below, we introduce the 5 most common and popular crane load test weights. Why does my crane need an inspection? OSHA requires that all active cranes be annually inspected. Daily or weekly usage [...]

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Water Weights Proof Load Bags

DOOWIN engineering team successfully finished another crane load testing project using our water weights proof load bags. We provide proof load testing services and water bags to buy or rent to companies across China and throughout the world. We are stocking many different size water weights bags and load cell. Our experienced engineer team can contract any load testing projects.

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Potable Water Pillow Tanks

We are glad to introduce our new products - Potable Water Pillow Tanks. Please refer the below detailed introduction. Collapsible Potable Water Storage Pillow Tanks CERTIFICATED QUALITY FOR POTABLE WATER NSF/ANSI-61 compliant drinking water bladder tanks Collapsible pillow tanks is the most economical and the most simply storage way for the potable drinking water in desert, industrial, commercial, and residential areas. DOOWIN collapsible tanks for drinking water are [...]

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Low Headroom Crane Load Test

Our esteemed customer KONECRANES finished another 150 ton crane load test. This crane has low headroom working height. In order to reach the rated load testing weight within limited height, have to design the special low headroom water bags. The point is normally the height of empty is longer than the height filled with water. After doing much calculation, our engineer design fours PLB-40ton water bags according to the [...]

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Water Filled Weight Bags for Crane Load Testing

Water filled weight bags is recognized worldwide as the most effective and safest crane proof load testing solution. Crane load test water weight bags provide an easy, safe and highly cost-effective crane load test weights solution for the load testing all kinds of lifting equipment.

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650T Crane Load Testing Project

DOOWIN team successfully finished another 650t crane load testing project with water bags. We performed two 300t proof load testing on two main deck cranes and one 50t crane load testing.We used 5 units 50ton water bags and 2 units 25ton water bags. The classification society inspector witnessed the whole proof load testing process. The ship owner given our water bags the high level affirmation and praise. Why use Crane Load [...]

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The World’s Largest Water Filled Proof Load Bags

DOOWIN 110T water filled proof load bags is the world's biggest proof load water bags. Our 110t proof load bags can reach over 110T capacity. We tested this 110t load test water bags dynamically under BV inspector witness. DOOWIN water filled proof load bags are a unique, safe and highly certified product specifically designed to provide a test load instead of traditional solid test weights.The use of water filled proof [...]

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Dynamic & Static Bridge Load Testing

DOOWIN platform test water bags was engaged in Kwansoo Brunei Temburong Bridge project by Temburong bridge project package CC2 marine viaducts for 1st bridge load testing in February 2017. DOOWIN's cooperator Headway was involved in launching the gantry bridge load testing and provided load test water bag service for client. Moreover, the project acquired about 12 working days along with two types of bridge load testing were conducted which [...]

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