Proof Loading Testing bags for proof load testing is recognized worldwide as the sensible and safest solution. We are a professional manufacturer of water weight bgs. We also provide proof load test and water weight bags rental service. Meanwhile, we also provide water weight bags repair services.

1. Damaged water filled proof load testing bags

Recently, we got three 35ton WATER WEIGHTS water-filled proof load bags from our customer. Two of the proof load water bags were badly damaged. The damaged length is about 2~3m. The position is very special too. For this kind of damage, it is impossible to repair using glue or a hot-air gun. When most users encounter this level of damage, they simply abandon the fix. Direct disposal as scrapped.

water weights proof load testing bags

2. Proof load testing bags were repaired

We carefully analyze the damage condition. A feasible repair plan was developed. It is safe and does not cost too much. First, pull out all the straps. Then clean up all the dirt on the water weights bags and some impurities that affect the high-frequency heating. Use hot air to dry the residual moisture in the water bag’s material. According to the size of the damage, cut out a repair piece of a suitable size. Finally, put the water bag on the machine and heat the repair sheet and the water bag. Compared with the production of new proof load bags, the repair work is more troublesome and more complicated.

water weights proof load testing bags

proof load testing bags
3. Repaired proof load bags used in the project

The customer is very satisfied with the repaired water bag. After the load testing, these WATER WEIGHTS water-filled water bags were reused in a new crane load test project together with our water weight bags.

proof load testing project using water weight bags

If you have any damaged water-filled proof load testing bags, please feel free to contact us to repair them.

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