Ground Sheets

In most of the applications, its place location is not ideal for the pillow tanks. It maybe damages the pillow tanks. So the user can put the PVC/TPU ground sheets under the collapsible pillow tank to protect the tanks against abrasion and help extend the tank’s lifespan. These ground cloth sheets are made of polyester base fabric with PVC coating. It can protect the pillow tanks from general wear and tear, abrasion, paunch, and soiling.

ground sheets in use

Advantages and Features of Ground Sheets

DOOWIN ground sheets are produced by HF welding technology for the better performance. Donot use glue or hot-air. There are many eyelet button around four edge.

  • UV resistant, or Oil resistant
  • Easy to set up and roll back
  • Can be reused many times
  • Robust flexible ground cloth
  • Frist layer of protection
  • The most economical and effective protective layers
ground sheets

Ground Sheets Material

This ground cloth sheet is made of polyester base fabric with PVC or TPU coating. It is UV resistant, or oil resistant. This can be chosen upon the liquid inside your tanks. These ground sheets are available in several fabric sizes, including 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm or higher. This can be chosen according to the ground condition and storage tank’s size.

The ground sheet can be made to any length and width. Normally, our ground sheets are 50cm larger than the size of pillow tanks. The customized size is available upon request.

The Standard Color are Beige & White. Other colors are available upon request.

Ground Sheets Application

The groundsheet is a versatile fabric product. It can be used for most collapsible pillow tanks as ground protection. These tanks have included the following but not limited to:


Our standard ground sheet is beige and white. Other colors are available upon request.

We use PVC/TPU coating fabric material. It is about 0.6mm thickness. For the water storage, we use PVC coating fabric. For the fuel or chemical storage, we use TPU coating fabric.

We will provide buyers manufacturer certificate free of charge. We also can provide third party certificate upon customer’s request.

We have different design for different storage requirements. There are 3 years, 5 years, 7 years, 10 years design. But it also is based on the application environment.

We provide warranty period for 2 years.

We can make any customized size and shapes. Please feel free to contact us order your own specific water tanks.