This underwater air lift bags are one kind of totally enclosed air lift bags. Underwater salvage lift bags are one kind of professional marine salvage bags. It is very useful for the vessel salvage and rescue industry. Its main application is in shipwreck salvage as floating pontoon. The users also use lift bags salvage bridge and dock construction, rescue, and removal of wrecked ships and beached vessels. Furthermore, customers also can use it as floatation bags for supporting docks and other floating structures. Meanwhile, these underwater lift bags are also excellent for underwater construction projects.

Lift Bags Salvage Project

This is one underwater park construction project. Korea construction company used our underwater air lift bags sink one old vessel. They will use it to build Gangwon-do Gyeongpo-do Underwater Park. They used two kinds of underwater lift bags salvage: parachute underwater lift bags and enclosed cylindrical lift bags. The total buoyancy of flotation bags is more than 660ton.

The underwater air lift bags surface needs to contact with the ship hull. To protect the salvage lift bags, so, we reinforced the surface and redesign its structure. It means DOOWIN can do any change according to customer’s request.

Do you want more information? Please see the Marine Salvage Project Video.

underwater air lift bags salvage

Why DOOWIN Underwater Air Lift Bags?

underwater air lift bags salvage

We manufacture various salvage air lift bags using PVC coating fabric material. There are many types to meet different application. Underwater lift bags are very small in size when deflated. And they are lightweight too. Thus, the user can transport and deploy it. The salvor can use the parachute underwater lift bags salvage the sunken vessels out of deep water. When the boat is near the surface, salvors can sling it under the boat with one end on each side. Then, to raise the boat high enough out of the water. Then, pump water out. In shallow water, salvors also can sling two float bags together like pontoons, one on each side of the boat.

Underwater Air Lift Bags Application

  • Deep water salvage
  • Ship salvage buoyancy support
  • Shipwreck salvage
  • Static buoyancy support
  • Commercial and military use
  • Subsea rigging
  • Military equipment lifting
  • Floating bridge supports
  • Inflatable pontoons
  • Extra buoyancy for pipe and cable

Underwater Air Lift Bags Advantages

  • Light weight easy to operate
  • Save storage and transportation cost
  • Can reinforce to meet the heavy-duty request
  • Equip safety valve, more safety
  • Easy to install
  • Various types meet different application
  • Open bottom design for deep water use
  • Pipeline buoyancy supports
  • Bigger buoyancy compare with rubber airbags
  • Without rubber airbags cone ends

More underwater lift bags for sale

There also are other several common marine salvage air lift bags used for marine salvage. Meanwhile, we also have used air lift bags for sales. The salvor can use these air lift bags salvage submerged vessels.  Please visit The 5 Common Marine Salvage Bags to know more.